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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Amazing Race 7 Finale

"The Amazing Race 7" finale was the most exciting episode of any reality show, ever.

My wife and I have seen every moment of all seven seasons, deciding as we watch which one of us would do a Roadblock, how we'd handle the Detours, how important language and map skills are, and other strategies, as we play along from the safety of our living room.

We can't remember being on the edge of our seats as much as we were watching Uchenna and Joyce scramble to get together enough money to pay off their Miami cabbie before racing to the finish line -- where, ironically, they won the million dollar prize, enough to pay off an entire fleet of cabbies. We'd been pulling for them all the way, especially after Joyce had her hair shaved off during a Detour in India. We were glad that Ron and Kelly didn't take the title, because we'd just had it with her whining (I bet Ron feels the same way).

My wife would've been happy if Rob and Amber had won it, but it seemed right to me that they came in second. I hope there are no future celebrity appearances on the show, because it changes the texture of the race, which should be about "regular" Americans and their internal relationships while racing around the globe.

Host Phil Keoghan tells me that the next season of "TAR" is a family edition, with kids as young as 8 eligible to compete on teams with their parents. It will be shot this summer (while school is out) and air this fall.

There's video of an event at the TV Academy a couple of weeks ago with Keoghan and the executive producers of the show which you can watch here -- but frankly, you'll learn a lot more from my interview with brothers Brian and Greg from this season, and an in-depth discussion with Phil Keoghan, too.