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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Burt Reynolds slaps sloppy reporter

Burt Reynolds was on the red carpet for another "Longest Yard" premiere when a CBS News producer asked him about the movie. When Reynolds learned that the producer hadn't seen the remake or the original, and knew nothing about either one, he gave him a playful slap in the face. "The Early Show" aired the video today, and Reynolds is catching some unwarranted flak.

What they didn't say was why you'd send a member of your news team to go cover the premiere of a movie they know nothing about. Granted, there's little if any real discussion going on during a red carpet walk-and-talk, but do a little bit of homework, fer chrissake. A quick Google or IMDB search would've turned up more than enough background to help form a decent question or two.

There's a lot of moaning about media bias, but not nearly enough about media members doing a lame job like this.