9/11 Victim Wastes Millions

Remember all that money you donated to help out the families of victims of the 9/11 attack? Meet Kathy Trant, whose husband worked for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 104th floor of the World Trade Center and died that horrible day.

Kathy's friends and neighbors helped raise about three million dollars to help her out. Then the federal Victim Compensation Fund -- that's your money -- kicked in another couple million. So, what did Kathy do with all that money?

She spent it, like crazy. Here's a sample of her shopping list over the last three years or so:

In all, Trant has spent 90% of the money in just three and a half years. Now she's complaining that she only has $500,000 left and is worried about her future.

Well, boo freakin' hoo! Most Americans will work all their lives and never have half a million dollars. It's hard to work up even an ounce of sympathy for Trant.

I don't care how much grieving you're going through. This is just irresponsible. And where were her friends during all this? They didn't put a stop to it because she was lavishing gifts on them. She was a human gravy train.

She says she it didn't even make her feel good, and feels guilty now.

Good! Feel guilty!

It was bad enough when charities were collecting money for the 9/11 victims and then the funds weren't getting to the people who deserved it. But it's worse when the money did go to someone like Kathy Trant, and she's too stupid to hold onto it