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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Costas is King

Isn't this how Jay Leno replaced Johnny Carson?

CNN has signed Bob Costas to be the sole fill-in for Larry King when the Big Suspender takes a night or ten off.

This is great for Costas, one of the premiere interviewers in the business who, unlike King, actually asks real questions of his guests.  Costas is a go-to guy, a true broadcaster, who can go one-on-one with anyone about anything.  He proved that with his NBC "Later" show several years ago (which should be a DVD boxed set by now!!) and his HBO "On The Record" series, too.

Prediction:  the nights Costas subs will get higher ratings than King's average, forcing CNN execs to consider whether they have to keep King on through the end of his contract in 2009.  Costas is also unlikely to suck up to his guests like King does during commercial breaks.

Bill Carter is probably already working on his next book, "The News Shift."