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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Kenny Rogers, Selfish All-Star

Kenny Rogers should not be at the All-Star game tonight.  After his assault on a cameraman two weeks ago, Major League Baseball should have banned him from the game, regardless of whether his fellow players think he should be there.

Rogers admits he was wrong and says he wants to be accountable.  If that were true, he wouldn't be appealing his 20-game suspension and $50,000 fine.  If he wanted to be seen as a responsible adult, after apologizing to the cameraman, the league, and the fans, he would have paid up and sat down.  But he and the players' union are pushing it to the point of distraction.

As for MLB, wimpish commish Bud Selig, should have handled the appeal right away: "Okay, Kenny, we have you on tape attacking the guy.  There's no defense for that.  Case closed.  Now take out your checkbook."