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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Craig Ferguson Clubs Baby Seal

I've mentioned before how much I enjoy Craig Ferguson's "Late Late Show" on CBS, particularly since Peter Lasally encouraged him to move the opening segment away from a series of unrelated jokes to a thematically-connected monologue.  If you've missed them, you can catch up on the show's website.

They haven't archived last night's yet, but he was talking about babies and included this beauty about a recent celebrity kid:

Heidi Klum and the rock star Seal just gave birth to a baby. Little baby seal, I suppose. What? He is! Seal's his dad, he's a little baby seal. He'll grow up, with his dad a rock star, he'll be all wild, he'll go to discos as a teenager -- in 15 years time, you'll read the tabloid headline, "Baby Seal Goes Clubbing."
Ferguson is not only likeable, but seems to genuinely enjoy being on TV and entertaining his audience -- something I always found lacking in his predecessor, Craig Kilborn.  He also brings a nice departure from the smugness that imbues so much of his competition (I'm talking about you, Jimmy Kimmel).  Best of all, Ferguson actually pays attention and listens to his guests during interviews, rather than just waiting for an opening to throw in a pre-scripted line.  In doing so, he turns many guest segments into more than just standard TV-bland plugola moments.

If the only thing keeping you from checking out his "Late Late Show" is its airtime, set the DVR one of these nights and see what you've been missing.