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Thursday, September 01, 2005

TV Nets Dropping The Ball on Katrina

Why haven't the big four TV networks been doing wall-to-wall coverage of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath?  If this disaster had occurred in New York or Los Angeles, they would have gone 48 hours without even airing a commercial, and then kept continuing coverage on the air as the crisis unfolded.  I called Aaron Barnhart to ask him about it today -- he said he'd had the same thought and was writing it up for his blog.  We fleshed out our thoughts out on the air on my KMOX show this afternoon and really let the nets have it.  Listen to the conversation here.

Afterwards, traffic reporter Captain Rodger Brand pointed out that our 50,000 clear channel signal was also helping out some of the people in the affected area -- former KMOX host Jim White was getting basic information from us at his home in Alabama because all of the local radio stations had been wiped out!