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Monday, October 17, 2005

Fair and Biased?

CNN's Lou Dobbs is right on the money with his points about the notion of "Fair and Balanced" news coverage:

The idea that a reporter has to be “fair and balanced” is ridiculous. The fact is, the truth usually is not fair and it’s not balanced. Truth stands by itself. And the idea that something called fair and balanced as a substitute for truth and fact is mindless nonsense that has captured much of the national media. There are two political sides to every story. Does that mean if we had three major political parties there would be three sides to the truth? If we had four, there would be four. It’s utter nonsense. There is a non-partisan reality in every story, and it is our obligation to report that reality. And the hell with whether the viewer is a Democrat or Republican. I’m interested in the non-partisan reality that exists for 98 percent of the population of this country—a country that is first American, and only secondarily—and ancillarily—Republican or Democrat.