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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Simple Life Goes Senior reports that NBC is finalizing a deal for a road trip reality show, senior style. It would team Leslie Nielsen (79) and Ed Asner (76) as they travel around the country getting involved in who-knows-what. It's been described as "Grumpy Old Men" meets "The Simple Life." Let's hope it's not as sophomoric as Paris & Nicole's adventures, although I'd tune in just to see some locals forced to shave Ed Asner's back (that would have to be a two-parter!).

I'm reminded of a documentary I saw several years ago, "Ernest Borgnine On The Bus," which consisted of the actor riding around the country in his 40-foot luxury bus with his son, Cris. Actually, he was doing more than riding -- Borgnine was driving the bus, stopping in little towns, interacting with whoever and whatever he found, and telling stories about his Hollywood career, from "Marty" to "The Poseidon Adventure" and beyond. It wasn't exactly a sit-down with James Lipton, but it was damned entertaining -- not to mention the fun of seeing some couple look up in a diner to see McHale sitting at the next table chomping down on a piece of pie.