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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Stripper's Perspective

Elisabeth Eaves has a great op-ed in the NY Times today about Robert McCormick, the Savvis CEO who allegedly ran up at $241,000 tab at a topless club in New York (he's on unpaid leave of absence while the company looks into the story).

Eaves says:

"The Manhattan District Attorney's office is investigating allegations of overcharging at Scores. To which I've got to be kidding -- there's no such thing as 'overcharging' in this industry. Does Christian Dior 'overcharge" when it sells a handbag for $13,000?"
After explaining the fantasy world that is a high-end strip club, she concludes:
"Sure the dancers hustled Mr. McCormick, but no more so than the occasional Mercedes dealer. Buyer's remorse is not an occasion to stiff the seller. So, gentlemen, pay the bill. A reasonably priced lap dance is not a right."
The whole thing's here. Eaves' book about her former career is here.

So far, there's no comment from Mrs. McCormick.