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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Worth A Link

Ken Levine blogs about his favorite "M*A*S*H" script, titled "Point Of View," where the entire episode was seen from the POV of a wounded soldier.

Rick Edelman answers the question, "Which of these is most in need of life insurance: Spiderman, Batman, Fred Flintstone, Harry Potter, or Marge Simpson?"

A Massachusetts senator wants to ban Fluffernutters from school cafeterias on nutritional grounds -- because PBJ is so much more healthy (also see a column I wrote earlier this year, "The Fluffernutter Lesson."

David Sirota explains how a new analysis of insurance records in Georgia shows that capping jury awards in medical malpractice cases does not reduce the cost of malpractice insurance -- in fact, many companies have raised those premiums.