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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Worth A Link

Ken Levine explains why they killed off Eddie LeBec on "Cheers." It had to do with a comment Jay Thomas made about kissing Rhea Perlman.

Walter Olson echoes my earlier comments on the MySpace lawsuit.

Ken Jennings has some very funny suggestions for how to update "Jeopardy," including:

Alex [Trebek]. I know, I know, the old folks love him. Nobody knows he died in that fiery truck crash a few years back and was immediately replaced with the Trebektron 4000 (I see your engineers still can’t get the mustache right, by the way.) But that’s beside the point: “Alex” is the franchise. You can’t just bring in Ryan Seacrest without warning, more’s the pity. But I think a few little host tweaks would do a lot of good.

  1. On Price Is Right, Bob Barker ends every show with a plug for his personal favorite cause. "Spay or neuter your pet!" or whatever. Something like this would humanize Trebek. I propose a new sign-off, along the lines of, "Can our returning champion do it again on tomorrow’s show? Tune in and find out, everybody. Legalize cannabis. Good night."
  2. You know how Trebek likes to read foreign words in these thick, strained accents, thinking he’s being muy autĂ©ntico? He should continue to do this, but instead of delivering them himself, he needs to have a little ventriloquist’s dummy with a sombrero to pipe in with those words. (The sombrero can be switched with a beret for French words.)
  3. Whenever Alex says "Correct!" to a contestant, he should do the two-index-finger point, like Isaac in the Love Boat credits.