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Monday, August 28, 2006

Aaron Barnhart on the Emmys Controversy

Considering yesterday's Comair plane crash that killed 49 people in Lexington, Kentucky, should NBC have cancelled the Emmy Awards opening segment which began with host Conan O'Brien on a jet that goes down and lands on the "Lost" island? Some critics are saying it was incredibly insensitive to allow it on the air, especially since they had plenty of time to yank it.

I disagree, as I told Aaron Barnhart this afternoon on my show during our discussion of the Emmys -- he had another angle on the story. Aaron also explained why the audience booed Simon Cowell, why Conan won't win any Emmys, and why the Emmy for best reality competition went to the wrong show.

Listen to the conversation here.

If you didn't see Conan's Emmys opening, here's the video.