Katrina One Year Later

On the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I checked in today on my show with... I also replayed two remarkable pieces of audio from last year:
And then there's this, from an editorial in today's Wall Street Journal:
The post-Katrina spend-fest in Louisiana will be remembered as one of the greatest taxpayer wastes in US history. First came the FEMA $2,000 debit-cards fiasco intended to pay for necessities that were used for things like flat-panel TVs and tattoos. Then came the purchase of thousands of mobile homes that cost as much as $400,000 per family housed; the $200 million for renting the Carnival Cruise ship; millions more in payments that went for season football tickets, luxury vacation resorts, even divorce lawyers. Federal flood insurance policies surely will encourage many to rebuild in the same flood plains and at the same height as before.