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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

They Never Airbrushed Cronkite

With one week to go before her Evening News debut, CBS' publicity department better come up with an explanation for why they photoshopped a picture of Katie Couric to make her look thinner [link via Brian Stelter at].

By morning, the rest of the blogosphere and the CBS-haters will be all over this. If you listen closely, you can hear them invoking Dan Rather's name.

Update at 7:34am: According to Broadcasting & Cable, "CBS blames the 'editorial staff' of a promotional magazine for doctoring a photo to dramatically slim Katie Couric down, but those editors are in fact the network’s PR staff. ... A CBS spokesman says only that 'the editorial staff of Watch magazine retouched the photo without the knowledge of Katie Couric or CBS news management' and would not elaborate further."

Update at 11:42pm: Why would anyone think that Katie had to look thinner in the first place? The two adjectives that have always best described her were perky and petite. Isn't "petite" small enough anymore? America has seen what Katie looks like for 15 successful years on television, and I don't recall anyone ever describing her as perky and pudgy. It's not like she was up there in the Kirstie Alley plus-size department -- why must her image be altered so she more resembles Nicole Richie after a vomiting binge?