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Friday, March 09, 2007

Idol Thoughts

With her backup-singer-becomes-star story line, fantastic voice, and veteran stage presence, just give the trophy to Melinda Doolittle now, before some tabloid uncovers some horrible secret that makes America hate her. Wait, I'll start the rumor mill. I hear that Melinda eats nothing but dog meat, mostly poodles and labrador retrievers.

This was not a good night for Dave Dellaterza at -- both of the people he was supporting, Antonella and Sundance, were among the four who got the fewest votes from viewers and are thus off "American Idol." As I knew he would, Dave immediately threw his support for the next round to Sanjaya, who will need all the help he can get.

Chris Sligh may be the best of the boys, but he has to start performing songs the viewers have heard of. "Obscure depressing rock songs" isn't even a good category on "Jeopardy," regardless of how talented you are.

I keep waiting for one of the losers to turn to Ryan Seacrest after the results are announced and say, "You know what, pretty boy? Screw this show! If America doesn't want me to keep me on TV, I'm not going to sing another note on this stage," and then walk off. Whoever does that will be featured in every newspaper, blog, radio and TV broadcast in this country the next day.

Can Sanjaya really have that many fans? Somebody's voting for the kid and keeping his hopes alive beyond all reason. Maybe it's all those call centers in Bangalore, India.

Memo to Simon: You can't keep saying "this is a singing competiton" and then scolding contestants for not having the right personality.