Friday, August 24, 2007

KMOX Night At The Skyview

This Saturday is KMOX Night at the Skyview Drive-In!

A couple of weeks ago, I talked to owner Steve Bloomer on my KMOX show. He mentioned that, after having it on the market for several years, he now has a couple of parties interested in buying the Skyview -- the last drive-in theater in the St. Louis area -- but new owners are likely to shut it down and turn it into condos or commercial buildings.

We decided that, before it goes away, we'd invite KMOX listeners to join us for an evening at the Skyview. If you haven't been for years, or have never been to a drive-in movie, or still go on a regular basis, we hope you'll join us this Saturday (8/25).

I'll host KMOX Night at the Skyview with my colleague Carol Daniel. Admission, usually $8.50/adult, will be just $11.20 per carload -- for a double feature! -- so load up the family and friends and meet us there Saturday night. The movies:

On Screen 1: "Underdog" and "Stardust"
On Screen 2: "Rush Hour 3" and "Hairspray"
The movies will start at 8:15pm, but the gates will open at 6:30pm so you can get pick a spot, get settled, take the kids to the Skyview's playground, and grab something at the snack bar.

You don't have to watch the movies from your car, by the way. You can also bring your lawn chairs, but bring an FM radio so you can hear the movie audio (there are no speakers on poles anymore!) on the Skyview's in-house sytem.

For directions to the Skyview Drive-In in Belleville, Illinois, see the website.