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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Phil Rizzuto By The Dashboard Light

There's been a lot written today about the late Phil Rizzuto, from his hall of fame career as a Yankees player, to his years in the booth broadcasting Yankees games, to his penchant for leaving those games early to beat the traffic, to his cheesy commercials for The Money Store.

But for the vast majority of Americans who never heard or saw any of that, Rizzuto is best remembered as the guy doing the play-by-play of Meatloaf trying to score with Karla DeVito in the rock classic "Paradise By The Dashboard Light." The legend goes that The Scooter recorded his part separately, without knowing what the song was about, and was so furious when he learned what he'd been used for that he even refused to accept a gold record the record company tried to give him.

His part starts around 3:30 into the song (baseball purists will note that the game clips inserted into the video don't correspond with what Rizzuto is saying at all)...