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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Super Bad Is Very Good

If you're the producer of "Showtime At The Apollo," you're looking for performers who can appeal to the target audience at home and the crowd in the theater, who are not shy about showing their disdain for those who take the stage and aren't worthy of the spot. So, when a white guy in his mid-40's who looks homeless shows up with dirty stringy hair and coke-bottle glasses, and he wants to perform a Marvin Gaye classic, you'd probably reject him without even a moment's thought, worried that the crowd would toss him out on his butt faster than Fifty Cent at the Grand Old Opry.

But then you'd miss an amazing performance by Super Bad Brad, a street performer who works on the sidewalks of Manhattan with his boom box and microphone. It took him exactly two seconds of vocals to win the tough Apollo audience over...