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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Baby Borrowers

If you think CBS' "Kid Nation" is sparking some controversy, take a look at this BBC show.

With England's high teen pregnancy rate, "The Baby Borrowers" follows several teenage couples as they are given a suburban house to live in and a baby to take care of for three days. If critics are concerned about the parents of the "Kid Nation" participants giving reality show producers responsibility for their children, how about the real parents of these babies allowing them to be taken care of by these teenagers? We're not talking about babysitting for a few hours while you're out to dinner, we're talking about complete control of the tots for 72 hours.

But that's not all. After three days with babies, the teen couples are given a toddler. Then they move on to a tween, then a teenage of their own, and finally, they have to take care of a senior citizen who lives with them.

If all of this seems alarming or strangely British, wait for the American version -- NBC has signed a deal to bring "The Baby Borrowers" here. And don't fool yourself. There will be plenty of teens who want to participate, and plenty of parents willing to give up their kids just to be part of a TV show.

Warning: strong language