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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Highway House

When it came to moving his house from Santa Monica to Santa Clarita, Califonia, Patrick Richardson wanted to save some money by doing it himself. He got the necessary permits and started out on his wide-load adventure.

Unfortunately, he took a turn onto the wrong freeway and the top of the house hit an overpass, where it got stuck. Traffic was backed up for hours until he got the house free and limped a few miles down the road, where he found a spot on the shoulder wide enough to leave the house and its crippled trailer, and that's where it sat. As you can see, vandals moved right in, broke the windows, stole most of the stuff inside, and left graffiti all over the house.

After 10 days, the department of transportation was fed up with the congestion the house was causing, so they hired a mover who picked up the house and put it in some storage location. Richardson will have to reimburse them $20,000 before he gets his home back.

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