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Friday, September 07, 2007

Rick Ankiel and HGH

With the Rick Ankiel story hitting this morning, lots of people were speculating about human growth hormone and its effect on performance. Not me. I admit to knowing nothing about the stuff, so I called upon an expert, endocrinologist Dr. George Griffing.

I was surprised to hear that there's no evidence that HGH would help batters hit the ball further or enhance performance in any way. He also says that there is no reliable way to test for HGH, so even if it's now against MLB's rules, there's no way to verify that players are or aren't using it.


It amuses me that Cardinal fans are rallying around Ankiel without question. Take "Rick Ankiel" out of the story and put "Barry Bonds" in. What's the reaction then? Or if the name was "Alfonso Soriano" or another dreaded Cubs player?

Ankiel's alleged use of HGH doesn't bother me any more than Bonds' use of whatever he allegedly used. If you're willing to sacrifice your body for my entertainment, go right ahead. I just want to see the ball go over the wall.