Thursday, September 13, 2007

Speed Traps

As a spinoff of the Brett Darrow/St. George police story, we're talking about speed traps on my KMOX show today. Listeners have pointed out a few egregious ones in the area:

  • Rock Hill: Manchester Road between McKnight and Brentwood
  • Town & Country: North Outer 40 around Mason
  • I-170: St. Charles Rock Road to Natural Bridge
  • Shrewsbury: 44 to Laclede Station Road
  • Burns Mill: PP to Otto
  • and on and on

Here's a site with lots of speed traps in Missouri, and links to other states, too. Many of these speed traps are through small towns that are nothing more than glorified subdivisions with a few police officers whose only job is to generate revenue for the town.

Rep. Mike Vogt told me today that they are part of the reason why a primary seat belt law hasn't passed in Missouri -- he and other legislators are worried about police in these municipalities abusing the law. I also asked him about a bill proposed earlier this year in the Missouri legislature that would cut down on some of these speed trap towns. Listen to his answer.