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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Worth A Link

James Poniewozik of Time magazine echoes my words from earlier this week and puts the hype and criticism about "Kid Nation" in perspective:

I don't want to minimize the charges against it--reportedly, kids accidentally drank bleach during filming (though they reportedly ended up fine) and one was splattered by hot grease in a kitchen. But I also don't want to join the rush to maximize them. The controversy seems to be much more about the context than the actual hazards. Kids getting injured, having accidents, trying things and getting hurt--sounds kinda like summer camp. The kids' parents also had to sign a long contract, reproduced at The Smoking Gun, releasing CBS from responsibility for injuries, illness or death--again, not unlike the boilerplate liability waiver for adult reality shows or amusement parks. But once a reality show is involved, the moral outrage is ratcheted up, because we all know that reality TV is the Official Most Evil Example of Whatever You Personally Believe Is Wrong With the World.
Read the whole thing here.