Thursday, October 11, 2007

Your Trash Ain't Nothing But Trash

St. Louis County wants to consolidate and simplify the way trash is picked up in neighborhoods, but there's a huge public backlash to the way they're doing it.

Under the new law that goes info effect January 1, 2008, you'll lose the right to choose the company that takes away your trash. Instead, each local district will have only one hauler. Many neighborhoods are currently served by several different companies, with their trucks rolling down the streets on different days, giving the infrastructure a beating. But local residents don't care about that as much as they care about picking the company they like, and being able to change that company if they're not satisfied with the service. They're also resistent to the mandatory recycling built into the new law. There's also debate about whether the county's plan would save or cost homeowners money.

This is all alien to me. We live in a subdivision with one trash company, which comes on one morning a week, and never causes a problem. We're happy to recycle our cans, bottles, and newspapers. We must be in the minority, based on the outrage I heard from lots of county residents this afternoon on my KMOX show.

Listen to the trash talk.