Monday, December 17, 2007

Aaron Barnhart on TV

Today on KMOX, I talked with Aaron Barnhart about Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien returning to their shows (without their writers) on January 2nd, whether David Letterman will be able to negotiate a deal that allows him to come back (with his writers) the following week, and the chances that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert might be doing new shows anytime soon. We also discussed Aaron's appearance with Chris Matthews on "Hardball" last week.


Aaron will be back on my KMOX show at 2pm (CT) Friday to spend an hour talking about the Best and Worst TV of 2007.

Here are more stories from Aaron's trip to New York last week, including walking the picket line with striking writers and getting an award from CableFax magazine.

You'll find Aaron in print in the Kansas City Star and online at his TV Barn website. He's on my KMOX show every Monday at 4:15pm CT.