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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Civil Liberties Watch

Judge Andrew Napolitano is a staunch defender of civil liberties, as he has proven in his several appearances on my show and his books, not to mention his work as senior judicial analyst for Fox News. In October, Judge Nap gave the keynote address at the Reason in DC conference, "Civil Liberties In Wartime." You can watch it here.

Radley Balko predicts more erosions of civil liberties in 2008, such as:

  • Standing on the sidewalk will become a crime.
  • Cities will begin seizing the cars of people who play their stereos too loud. In fact, they'll seize the cars based on the word of someone else that the car's owner was playing his stereo too loud.
  • Proving there's no part of your life the Nanny State can't reach, states will begin asking bars to install talking urinal cakes , which will warn men as they relieve themselves that drinking and driving isn't cool.
  • The Bush administration will claim it has the power to kidnap citizens of foreign countries for violating U.S. law, and extradite them to the U.S. for trial and imprisonment—even for white collar crimes unrelated to terrorism, and even for acts that aren't illegal in the countries where the target is a citizen.
  • Watch, as some overzealous district attorney will charge middle school kids with sex crimes for such childhood shenanigans as slapping fellow classmates on the buttocks.
The irony is that we don't have to wait until the new year to see if Balko's predictions come true, because all of those attacks on civil liberties -- and more -- happened in 2007! Read his full list here, complete with links.