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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

FAA Cuts Back on Flights

Today  I talked with Kate Hanni about whether the FAA limiting the number of flights taking off from and landing at New York's aiports will have any impact on the vast majority of fliers across the country, including here in the midwest.

None of those airports is among the ten busiest in the US, but Kate sees it as a net positive if they don't cancel those flights but instead move them to less-busy times of the day. So, you'd still be able to fly at some point in the day, but there would be less chance that you'd get caught up in the mass confusion that comes when more flights are scheduled to take off than an airport can handle.

We also talked about the Airline Passengers Bill Of Rights, which Kate has been chief spokeswoman for. It has become law in New York state, but the airlines are challenging it in court before it can gain traction and pass nationally.