Monday, December 10, 2007

Maureen Ryan on TV

Aaron Barnhart's on vacation, so Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune filled in for him today on my KMOX show to talk television.

She says the writers strike has brought the industry to a critical moment that may not only endanger our chances of seeing original episodes of our favorite shows through the spring (a depressing thought for Ryan, because there are only so many episodes of "Deal Or No Deal" the human body can stand), but in the long run may redefine the concept of the TV season.

She also speculates that if the major networks don't start seeing the value of showrunners and writers, they shouldn't be surprised to see the creative folks find other distribution options, from streaming on non-network-branded sites to airing more shows like "Mad Men," "Rescue Me," and "The Closer" on smaller networks like AMC, F/X, TNT, and others.

Listen, then read Ryan's TV blog.