Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rep. Jim Guest vs. Real ID

Today on KMOX, I spoke with state representative Jim Guest, who proposed a bill prohibiting Missouri from complying with the Real ID act, which creates a national identification card.

Guest is trying to get his fellow legislators in Missouri and other states to fight back against DHS. He's also concerned about the security of the federal database that would be created, as well as questions about privacy, identity theft, and personal security. Since the Department of Homeland Security will require you to have the Real ID when you get on a plane or enter any federal building beginning in May, you may have to use your passport a lot more -- even for domestic flights!


I spoke about Real ID with Mark Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy Information Center two weeks ago -- listen here -- and wrote about the concept of a national driver's license two years ago in this column.

Jim Guest has set up a site called Legislators Against Real ID.