No Cursing in St. Charles Bars

Today I talked with St. Charles City Councilman Richard Viet about a proposed law banning cursing, profane songs or entertainment, and dancing on the bar in any establishment licensed to sell alcohol.

So you can cancel those plans to open up a Coyote Ugly franchise in Old Town St. Charles.

Viet admits that this isn't a huge problem, but he says they do get a few complaints about someone walking down the street and hearing something through a bar window they don't like. And that's when it's government to the rescue!

Listen to his argument, and then decide how it reconciles with not only the First Amendment, but also the property rights of the bar owner to decide what kind of entertainment he's going to offer his customers. We already have laws about disturbing the peace, so I don't know how they city will enforce the new regulations.

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