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Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama's Victory Speech

Barack Obama's victory speech in Iowa was one of the best oratories I've heard from a politician in a very long time. Instead of wasting several minutes thanking each and every volunteer, as the other candidates did, Obama decided to go for inspiration -- to reach out beyond the roomful of supporters he'd already won over and inspire the public at large, watching and listening around the country. He accomplished that goal brilliantly.

Even if you don't agree with the man's politics, you have to admit that this is a fantastic speech...

Note: the video is from MSNBC, which refuses to just point a camera and leave it alone. Like too many TV news outlets, their directors love motion, so the graphics are always swirling and spinning. They keep panning away to their monitor wall, because it's so important during Obama's speech to see that Jim Cramer is ranting about some stock at the same time on CNBC. I'm sure this speech was even more compelling on C-SPAN.

My producer, Fred Bodimer, points out that if you handed a printed copy of this speech to most Americans, without telling them the identity or race of the speaker, you'd find even more people motivated by it.