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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Party Dude

While his parents were out of town, a 16-year-old Australian threw a party at home, which he advertised online and via text message. When over 500 people showed up, with the alcohol flowing freely despite many of them being underage, it quickly got out of control.

The house, and neighbors' houses and gardens, were vandalized to the tune of $18,000 worth of damage. When cops showed up to shut it down, the partygoers attacked them with rocks and bottles -- the cops had to retreat and call for reinforcements. It finally took over 30 officers to put a stop to the mayhem.

His parents were horrified, but the kid doesn't care. Here he is on the Aussie version of "A Current Affair," doing his best Jeff Spicoli imitation, and advising other teens who have the opportunity to throw a house party to "get me to do it for you." Note the "famous" sunglasses.