Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Talent for Romney

After Mitt Romney's victory in the Michigan primary, I invited former Sen. Jim Talent (now serving as Romney's Domestic Policy Task Force Chairman) to come on my KMOX show this afternoon to talk about the campaign.

Since Romney, like most of the candidates, keeps saying "Washington's broken, and we're going to fix it," I asked Talent (who spent over a decade in Congress) what that means, and whether a President can effect that kind of change. Then we discussed Romney's promises to the people of Michigan (and, by extension, Missouri) who were employed in the auto industry and now find themselves out of work, and what he'd do about it as President -- including a bail out for the car companies.

Talent brought up the mandatory health insurance plan that Romney signed into law as Governor of Massachusetts, so I asked him whether Romney would push for similar federal legislation, providing subsidies for Americans who can't afford the premiums.

Finally, I pushed Talent on which Cabinet position he wants if Romney makes it to the Oval Office -- and was surprised at his answer.