Monday, February 11, 2008

Radio Nowhere

You may notice that the KMOX call letters no longer appear in the right column of this blog. That's because I'm no longer on KMOX.

The CBS budget guillotine fell on my neck today. Along with a lot of other people across the country -- including three others here in St. Louis -- I was laid off by the company this afternoon.

To the question, "What will you do now?", the answer is "not much, for a couple of days." After that, I'll start figuring things out.

To those of you who have listened to my show through the years, thanks for your time, your attention, and your ears. I also appreciate the e-mails of support which started rolling in a few hours ago (you can't reach me at my CBS/KMOX e-address anymore, as they killed the account shortly after I left the building -- use the link on this page from now on, please).