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Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Ads Quiz

Advertisers paid up to $3,000,000 for thirty seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl, but was it worth it? Only if you remember which product the commercial was for.

Here's my annual Super Bowl Ads Quiz -- see if you can name the sponsor based on a one-line summary (for the answers, highlight the white space to the right of each clue):

  • A man lights candles with his breath (Bud Light)
  • A man wakes up and finds car parts in his bed (Audi R8)
  • People keep falling asleep, including at the Grammys (Diet Pepsi Max)
  • Dude, that's some serious cheese (Bud Light)
  • Athletes work out in a futuristic urban environment (
  • A squirrel goes for an acorn in the middle of the road (Bridgestone Tires)
  • A woman sings "message from your heart" (Doritos)
  • Danica Patrick begins to unzip (Go Daddy)
  • Carrier pigeons cause havoc (FedEx)
  • Fighting Glondor in a stone circle death match (
  • A stain on a man's shirt ruins his job interview (Tide To Go)
  • Hank doesn't make the team, but trains with his dog friend for next year (Budweiser)
  • A man and some ferocious sleeping badgers (Toyota Corolla)
  • Napoleon drives through France to meet his troops (Garmin)
  • An employee's heart pops out of her chest (
  • Lizards dance "Thriller" with Naomi Campbell (Sobe Life Water)
  • An animated man pushes a rock up a hill (GMC Yukon Hybrid)
  • Bill Frist and James Carville hang out together in DC (Coke)
  • Women love guys with a foreign accent (Bud Light)
  • Guys go crazy over a woman with a uni-brow and a mole (Planters Cashews)
  • Charles Barkley won't stop bugging Duane Wade (T-Mobile)
  • Justin Timberlake gets knocked around (Pepsi)
  • A man gets beat up while watching a mousetrap (Doritos)
  • Shaving cream guy is looking for Ted (Ideacast)
  • A guy leaves work early after a witch doctor shrinks his head (
  • Street racing on Big Wheels (Toyota Sequoia)
  • Pandas own Ling Ling's Bamboo Furniture Shack (
  • Shaquille O'Neal as jockey (Vitamin Water)
  • A caveman invents the wheel, but his friends don't appreciate it (Bud Light)
  • A photo op with Carmen Electra (Ice Breakers Ice Cubes gum)
  • Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons are in the street (Bridgestone Tires)
  • A bug on a windowsill sings a duet with a man (
  • A baby talks to a webcam until he spits up (ETrade)
  • A man loves flying until he gets sucked into a jet engine (Bud Light)
  • Stewie and Underdog fight it out over Central Park (Coke)
  • A baby is creeped out by a clown making balloon animals (ETrade)
  • A dog makes a lot of noise as it drinks from a bowl (Gatorade)
  • A mechanic hooks up battery cables to his chest (Amp Energy Drink)
  • The field follows Derek Jeter wherever he goes (Gatorade G2)