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Monday, April 28, 2008

Canister in the Can

Here's some video that is not safe for work, but you'll watch it anyway, and then forward the link to your friends.

It's footage of Phillipine doctors doing surgery to remove something from a man's butt -- a six-inch long canister of body spray. The surgeons and nurses are in trouble because you can hear them laughing and cheering during the procedure. The doctor in charge even shouts "Baby's out!" and then opens the canister and sprays the contents towards others in the operating room.

As for the 39-year-old patient, his lawyer says the guy was too drunk to remember how the body spray canister ended up in his body, but it happened during a drinking spree on New Year's Eve and a one-nighter with a male partner.

The patient is threatening a lawsuit, and more than ten people are under investigation for their role in this, with suspensions of their medical licenses possible -- but wouldn't you react the same way to this bizarre medical scenario?