Saturday, April 04, 2009

Aaron Barnhart on TV

TV critic Aaron Barnhart joined me on KTRS/St. Louis yesterday to talk about how the season finale of "ER" meant the end of a nearly three-decade run of NBC's Must See TV on Thursday nights -- a run that included shows like "Hill Street Blues," "LA Law," "Seinfeld," "Cosby," "Cheers," and so many more. Aaron pointed out that not only is the run over, but there won't be any successors in that slot because of Jay Leno moving to primetime this fall (although at least one affiliate says it won't run the show, preferring to air an hourlong newscast in that slot).

We also talked about next week's debut of "Southland" and "The Unusuals," the return of "Rescue Me," the renewal of "Friday Night Lights," and more.

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Aaron is the TV critic for the Kansas City Star and is online at