Thursday, July 16, 2009

Really Late In The Evening

A few nights ago, Paul Simon performed a joyous version of "Late In The Evening" a few nights ago, backed up by The Roots, the house band on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

The song originally appeared in Simon's 1980 movie, "One Trick Pony," a nice small look at the life of a singer/songwriter named Jonah Levin, who is struggling to keep his career alive as the music industry changes around him. It featured the band that Simon was touring with at the time (Richard Tee, Eric Gale, Steve Gadd, Tony Levin -- all of whom were onstage for the Simon & Garfunkel reunion in Central Park a year later). The movie also boasted a great roster of supporting actors, including Rip Torn, Blair Brown, Joan Hackett, Mare Winningham, and Lou Reed, plus Allan Garfield as a Kal Rudman doppelganger.

Unfortunately, "One Trick Pony" has never been released on DVD -- so I haven't put it on my Movies You Might Not Know list -- but it does show up on TV every once in awhile, and is worth your attention when it does.

Here's that NBC performance by Simon...