Michael Caine on Film

A couple of nights ago, Michael Caine was on Letterman and they brought up a televised master class that Caine did in 1989 called "Acting In Film." I bought that class when it came out on VHS, loved it, and it just so happens, found it in my basement last month and watched it again. Brilliant stuff.

In the video, Caine gives a handful of students tips on the art of acting for movies, as opposed to the stage. In the process, he shows how to sit in a chair like the drunk professor he played in "Educating Rita," how to play creepy as he did as the murderous husband in "Deathtrap," how to time your speech while walking so you hit your mark perfectly, and how much of a difference it makes whether your character is blinking or not blinking...

The video is a must-see for anyone who's ever considered working in movies, or for anyone like me who's a fan of movies and the process involved in making them.

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