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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Worth A Link

  • predicts that Lee Dewyze will win "American Idol" tonight, not Crystal Bowersox.
  • The man responsible for the deaths of who-knows-how-many children -- by making the invalid connection between vaccines and autism -- has been banned from practicing medicine in the UK.  Now if we could only ban Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy from repeating this dangerous anti-science crap.
  • Are today's comedy stars less durable than the ones who preceded them, or is Kim Masters extrapolating too much from the fact that Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers can't make a good non-animated movie?
  • Jimmy Kimmel on NBC canceling "Law & Order" but picking up "Law & Order: Los Angeles":  "You know, the last time NBC took a show that had been on for 20 years in New York and moved it to LA, it wound up as the lead-in to George Lopez on TBS."
  •  Richard Wiseman offers a puzzle involving a prison guard and a life-or-death decision