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Monday, November 22, 2010

Worth A Link

  • Congrats to St. Louis for being named Most Dangerous City. I knew we could beat Camden and Detroit if we tried!
  • An attorney asks for a day off from court if his wife gives birth to a boy so he can attend the bris, but the female judge didn't like him saying he won't miss a day if it's a girl (here's the actual document he filed, with Judge Kimba Wood's handwritten response).
  • 13 years later, Erin Brockovich is helping the town of Hinkley take on PG&E over contaminated ground water -- again.
  • Yesterday, the Pope said condoms are ok in some situations. Today, I learned that bears don't always shit in the woods.
  • Why Steve Jobs will not be Time magazine's Person Of The Year. 
  • Roger Ebert brilliantly defends NPR