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Monday, January 31, 2011

Earlier On Later

One of the great TV series that has never been released on DVD is "Later," the NBC talk show that Bob Costas hosted from 1988 to 1994. It aired after Johnny Carson and David Letterman, and featured Costas in one-on-one extended conversations with actors, musicians, and others.

At the time, there weren't many in-depth discussions on television, and those that did lacked the talent of a host like Costas. He seemed genuinely curious about his guests, asked well-researched questions, and like other great broadcasters, knew how to listen.

Perhaps the network has forgotten about "Later," or perhaps clearance issues with so many guests would make a DVD release financially difficult. It's also possible that Costas just doesn't want the series made available again. That's a shame, because he coaxed some great stories out of the people he sat opposite.

Fortunately, several of the episodes were preserved by viewers, who have uploaded them to YouTube. Here is one such show, from April, 1991, with Costas talking to Karen Allen about "Animal House," "Starman," "Raiders Of The Lost Ark," and other movies that made her very familiar to moviegoers in the preceding decade and a half...