Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Final Table #107: Joe Navarro

Today on my Final Table radio show, we'll talk with Joe Navarro, the former FBI agent and expert on non-verbal communication, who for several years has been teaching poker players how to read their opponents' tells. We'll discuss his new e-book, "200 Poker Tells" and he'll share with you some of the things you should look for next time you sit down in a live game or tournament.

Note: unfortunately, after this show aired live on KFNS, we had a power failure which caused us to lose the recorded audio, which we could not recover. Therefore, this show is not available as a podcast. Our apologies, but we'll have Joe back on the show at some point, and hope never to have that problem again. You should still get his book and learn the valuable information he's sharing about tells.

We do The Final Table show every Tuesday 3pm to 4pm CT from the poker room of Harrah's St. Louis on 590 KFNS radio.