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Friday, May 24, 2013

Larry Conners Explains

Larry Conners is the veteran St. Louis anchorman who was fired this week by KMOV-TV over the controversy about his recent Facebook post about the IRS. Since Larry's a friend, I invited him to join me in the studio for the entire first hour of my KTRS show today to provide some context for why he was released after 26 years on the air.

Larry was quite open and candid in answering all of my questions about his issue with the IRS. We also talked about KMOV urging him (and other on-air personnel) to share via social media any personal stories that relate to the day's news -- which had never been a problem before this particular Facebook post -- and how problems with management began when he returned from two surgical operations earlier this year.

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Larry's blog is here, and he's on Twitter, too.