Jamie Benning, "Inside Jaws"

Jamie Benning is a professional editor who, in his free time, works on "Filmumentaries," which are like the greatest DVD commentary track you've ever seen. He's done one for each of the first three "Star Wars" movies. His latest is "Inside Jaws," a project that took him 16 months to complete, which includes not just the original movie, but behind-the-scenes footage shot by locals, stories about the making of the movie by the principals (Steven Spielberg, Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss) and members of the crew (the sound editor, the location casting scout, the director of photography).

I was so impressed by "Inside Jaws" that I invited Jamie to talk about it on my America Weekend show. I asked him where he got some of the footage, what he learned about the movie by making the Filmumentary, whether the original "Jaws" had the same impact on swimmers in his native England that it had here in the US, and what kind of feedback he's gotten from Steven Spielberg.

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Since Jamie doesn't own the copyright to "Jaws," he can't make any money off of "Inside Jaws," so he offers it for free online -- and you can watch it right here...

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