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Monday, August 26, 2013

No Pictures, Please

Louis CK told a story on David Letterman's show last week about finding a dead body in the water while in his boat on the East River...

It's clear that, while Letterman plays the story for laughs, Louie didn't mean it that way. You can see his humanity shining through in his compassion for the dead guy, and particularly in the fact that he did not take a photo of the corpse floating in the water ("I don't want that in my phone"). Unfortunately, in our share-everything society, I'd bet that over 90% of Americans would not only have used their smartphone to take that picture, but would have posted it almost instantly to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram -- with the caption, "Look what I found!!" or something snarky like, "Maybe swimming in the East River isn't such a good idea!!"

Kudos to Louis for proving, yet again, that he's a genuinely decent guy.