Voices You Know

I just got home from a screening of "In A World," a new movie written, directed by, and starring Lake Bell. I can't review it until Friday because of an embargo, but I can tell you that it's about the people who do voiceovers for movie trailers -- a business that for a long time was dominated by Don LaFontaine. He's the guy who created the "In a world..." genre, and voiced thousands of trailers and commercials until his death in 2008.

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with Don and another top voiceover artist, Joe Cipriano, who you've heard on thousands of promos for Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, as well as several awards shows. I have dug that conversation out of my archives (from May 10, 2005) so you can listen, then click here to subscribe to these podcasts via iTunes!

Listen, then click here to subscribe to these podcasts via iTunes!

Here's a 2006 "Today" show segment with Don LaFontaine, Joe Cipriano, Mark Elliott (the voice of Disney movie trailers for three decades), and a a couple of others...