Jimmy's Fiery Twerking Ruse

It turns out that the fiery twerk fail video I described in yesterday's Knuckleheads In The News® segment was actually conceived and executed by Jimmy Kimmel and the staff of his ABC show. The woman shown twerking upside down, falling onto a glass table full of candles, and catching her leg on fire was actually stunt woman Daphne Avalon.

Kimmel revealed her -- and the ruse -- on his show tonight, explaining that the video was recorded several weeks ago, and everyone was sworn to secrecy. Since its release on YouTube a few days ago, it has received more than 9,000,000 hits -- not to mention all the replays on TV newscasts and my mention here. As Kimmel explained, it's a classic example of "don't believe everything you see and hear."

Nicely done, Jimmy! Also, nice timing in stealing some of the social media thunder on the night of Arsenio's return to late night TV.

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