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Monday, September 02, 2013

Saving Paper and Ink

Long ago, we were promised that by today, we would have a paperless society. While we're using less, we're far from paper-free. In my show prep, I print out a lot of material so I have it handy while I'm on the air -- and because marking it up and adding notes is easier the old-fashioned way than doing it electronically on my laptop, where I'd still have to scramble for what I need at a moment's notice.

About a year ago, I downloaded free software called Clean Print and added it to my browser, and having road-tested it on several reams of paper, I can recommend it to you. I have no financial interest in the company whatsoever, and won't make a penny off you using it, but I can say that it's easy to install, easy to use to remove images and unwanted paragraphs from web articles I want to print, and saves me multiple pages per day (not to mention ink). More often than not, it is a lot more efficient than clicking the "print" link on a website -- and it's especially good for those sites that don't even give you a "print" option.

The Clean Print download page is here.